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UpTime Trucks Mobile is a truck breakdown service App that offers its services across Ontario, Canada. This App was created during the pandemic to offer contactless and hassle-free services for customers.

When you place a service request, you will be allowed to choose your nearest service provider to book your service. With UpTime Trucks Mobile, you can request Mobile Technicians, Tire Technicians, or Tow Truck services.

Service Providers can register their services and receive online service requests for the services they offer. As a Service Provider, you can work both with a company or individually. Furthermore, UpTime Trucks Mobile allows you flexibility to work at your own availability.

Product Features

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There are three types of services offered by the App: Mobile Technician, Tire Technician, and Heavy Truck Towing Service.

Live Tracking

After placing a service request, customers can track their request within the app with an advanced GPS System in real-time.

Manage Vehicle

Customers can add fleet vehicle details using VIN, make, model, and type of vehicle. They can also track maintenance records and more.

View Available Providers

Customers can add their address and see the nearest service providers list and book services.

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User App

Finding Towing Service or Mobile Technicians when travelling along the highway can be difficult. With the UpTime Trucks Mobile App, you can easily find Service Providers anywhere in Ontario.

Using the UpTime Trucks Mobile Customer App, you can find a Mobile Technician, Tire Technician, or Tow Truck for your vehicle whenever and wherever you need it.

You can register into the App using social sites. After logging in, you can upload vehicle details including vehicle unit number, driver name, etc. Also, you can add multiple vehicles for any size fleet. You can see the nearest available provider list and book the services you need. Also, you have the option to manage your profile, change your password, invite friends, and manage bank account details. You will also have the option to use a promo code to get discounts from the services requested.

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Provider App

Download the UpTime Trucks Mobile Provider App and get the real-time online services request. You can register into the App with the company name, email, contact number, etc.

Also, you will have an option to log in through social media sites like Facebook and Google.

Once you log in and upload the required documents, you can choose either Tow Truck, Mobile Technician or Tire Technician Services. You will start receiving requests after an admin approves your account. If you wish to accept or reject an order request, you have the option to do so. The labour rate for services is managed on an hourly rate by you. Also, you can manage profile information, see earning reports, feedback, and other details.

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More Features

Social Login

Customers and Service Providers have an option to log in through their social media account sites like Facebook, and Google.

Earning Report

Service providers can see earning reports with all customer details including completed and cancelled requests.

Secure Payment

To pay for Service requests, users have secure payment options such as: Credit Cards, Debit, and in-app wallet.


Depending on the services the Provider delivers, Customers can rate and review them. Also, Customers have the option to add Providers as a favourite for future requests.

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